Cabin Radio’s Thanksgiving Special: Listen all day Monday!

Adrienne and various types of pie
Adrienne and various types of pie.

Trivia, pie, family arguments… Cabin Radio’s Thanksgiving Special is as authentic as it gets.

Join our host Adrienne Cartwright and three contenders – Cabin Radio’s Jesse Wheeler, Scott Letkeman, and Shannon Moore – as they gather around the Cabin’s elegant dining table for some turkey, trivia, and hard truths.

It’s the perfect backdrop to your own holiday Monday. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and you’ll cry – even if you feel more stuffed than the bird.

And like any Thanksgiving family conversation, the topics are wide-ranging. Over the course of the show – to an accompaniment of great Canadian hits – our thankful foursome will talk Big Shiny Tunes, Burton Cummings, pumpkin spice, the CFL, the under-appreciation of KD Lang, and more.



Listen along as our three valiant contenders answer Canadian Trivial Pursuit questions amid the chat and music, collecting pieces of actual pie in a Thanksgiving quest to be the best.

Cabin Radio’s Thanksgiving Special airs three times on holiday Monday, beginning at 8am, 12:30pm, and 5pm! Listen live here or get the Cabin Radio app for Android or iPhone.

Our regular programming resumes on Tuesday.