Cougar, bears spark long weekend wildlife warning

Bear sightings continue across Yellowknife and a cougar was reported near Madeline Lake, prompting a warning ahead of the holiday weekend.

The NWT’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources said it had not substantiated the cougar report but advised “folks to be vigilant out there as we know many people will be using their cabins.”

Even by the standards of the Northwest Territories, where bears are a fact of life and early fall brings more encounters, the number of reports in Yellowknife this past week has been unusual.


Adding to an earlier report of a bear breaking into a home and a warning to stay off some trails if possible, ENR on Friday said a bear sighting had been reported overnight outside the Northern Lites Motel on 50 Street while another sighting took place on the tarmac outside Great Slave Helicopters’ hangar at Yellowknife Airport.

“Residents should continue to be cautious on trails in the area, as well as making sure all garbage and other bear attractants like fuel are secured,” the department stated.

“If you are going berry picking or have berry bushes near your house, be extra cautious: bears are getting ready to hibernate, so harvest any berries you may have growing on your property, and make sure if you’re going berry picking you stay bear aware.”