Hay River candidate takes last town council seat by luck

A file photo of Hay River
A file photo of Hay River. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

After a recount left two candidates tied, Hay River’s Joseph Melanson won the last seat on the town’s council by a drawing of lots.

The recount was automatically triggered when the election-night count showed Melanson had 452 votes, Sandra Lester had 451, and Jeffery Groenewegen had 454.

After the recount, while Groenewegen had 455 votes, Melanson and Lester finished in a dead heat on 450.

Legislation dictates a name must be drawn at random in the event of a tie. Melanson was the lucky winner of the resulting draw.



Groenewegen and Melanson join Steve Anderson, Robert Bouchard, (Mary) Emily Chambers, Linda Duford, Keith Dohey (James), and Brian Willows as Hay River’s eight councillors.

Meanwhile, Kandis Jameson was acclaimed as mayor.

The town’s new DEA includes: Nikki Ashton, Mark Harris, Jamie Hunt, Glen McPhee, Pennie Pokiak, Lisa Ruggles, and Annette Rupert.

Correction – 18:18 MT, October 17 2018. An earlier version of this story suggested Melanson won the seat by a single vote following a recount. In actuality, a drawing of lots took place with both candidates tied, which resulted in Melanson being shown as the winner by a single vote on the printed official results sheet. This article has been updated accordingly.