Fort Smith appoints new head of protective services

TJ Moore, Fort Smith’s new protective services supervisor, is responsible for – well – almost everything.

Not only does he oversee the fire department and ambulance department, he also supervises the bylaw officer and handles the town’s emergency management plan.

“It’s a very unique job that has been handled by some great volunteers in the past,” said Moore, explaining that the permanent position – which was created a year and a half ago – has been handled by volunteers and town staff for the past few months.


“I’m coming from the town of Inuvik where I was the volunteer platoon chief with the fire department, as well as a full-time municipal enforcement constable; as well as I have a background as paramedic,” said Moore.

“So I’m uniquely qualified for the varied-role position. This role here in Fort Smith provided a unique challenge that fit my background perfectly and I was absolutely excited to take on the opportunity.”

Moore has been appointed as a second bylaw officer for the town. Minutes from the September 11 Municipal Services Committee meeting explain: “With the new officer we are expanding the scope of traffic control to be everywhere in town, not only focusing on the school zones.”

He’ll also spend time tackling paperwork.

“Part of the job I’ll be looking at here is updating some of our bylaws, working towards the implementation of our new cannabis regulations, and working on a renewed focus of our unsightly properties here in the Town of Fort Smith,” he said.


“And in the grander scheme of things, we’re going to be looking at updating our emergency management plan as well as developing a solid town safety plan.”

The emergency management plan directs what happens in event of a natural disaster or town-declared state of emergency; the town safety plan refers to town employee health and safety.

Moore arrived in town on Thanksgiving following a year and a half in Inuvik. Reflecting on his first two weeks, he said: “It’s always great to see trees … it’s a beautiful community with great people.

“I’m really excited to work with the great volunteers who are staffing the fire and ambulance departments. They do a lot of work and they do it as volunteers.”