Vehicle fire at Yellowknife’s sand pits

Last modified: September 15, 2022 at 3:15pm

Smoke from a burning vehicle at Yellowknife’s sand pits could be seen to the west of the city on Thursday.

Emergency responders were on the scene by 2:40pm, while a collection of dog owners and associated dogs watched proceedings from a distance.

For weeks, at least one vehicle has sat abandoned toward the western edge of the sand pits. A second vehicle appeared to join it within the past week.


The fire on Thursday was in the same location previously occupied by those vehicles, though the identity of the burning vehicle could not be established with certainty.

The location, well away from the road, made the burning car tricky to reach with regular fire equipment.

In a bid to reach the fire, at one point an all-terrain vehicle blaring a siren through a loudhailer scooted across the scene.

A novel arrangement followed by which water was transferred from a tanker and carried by the ATV across to the vehicle for use.

An all-terrain vehicle responds to the fire. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

There appeared to be no immediate danger to the public.


There was no word regarding any casualties, nor the cause of the fire.