Yellowknife composer and performer Carmen Braden has announced plans to record a second studio album.

Braden, a leading act at this year’s Folk on the Rocks festival, told supporters her new album – entitled Songs of the Invisible Summer Stars – will focus on instrumental compositions for string quartet, piano trio, and other chamber ensembles.

Her debut album, Ravens, was released in early 2017.

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“Plans are to record in the spring in Nova Scotia, diving in with the wondrously creative Mark Adam returning as producer,” Braden wrote.

A concert with percussionist Adam, to raise funds for the album’s production, will take place in Yellowknife at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre on Thursday, November 15.

Yellowknife musicians Pat Braden, Kathryn Oraas, and Al Bee will also feature. Admission is by donation, either in person or online.

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