Yellowknifer editor James O’Connor leaves NNSL

Copies of the Yellowknifer newspaper on November 7, 2018
Copies of the Yellowknifer newspaper on November 7, 2018. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

James O’Connor says he has been fired as editor of the Yellowknifer newspaper.

O’Connor, employed by NNSL since 2016, took over as the newspaper’s editor a year ago.

NNSL managing editor Mike Bryant confirmed O’Connor’s departure to Cabin Radio but would not say on what terms O’Connor left his position, only adding the newspaper wished him well.

O’Connor, however, told Cabin Radio: “I was fired.”



The former Brandon Sun managing editor’s tenure as Yellowknifer editor began controversially, when he penned a column in which he described an “emerging white middle-aged male minority … losing our once strong grip on the tiller of society.”

The column also appeared to suggest politically incorrect voices were being suppressed.

Though O’Connor insisted much of the column had been light-hearted in tone, many readers reacted with surprise and dismay.

O’Connor, who openly advertised his right-wing politics in later columns, told Cabin Radio he had recently considered quitting.



“No animosity, I just wasn’t what they wanted,” he added.

On Twitter, he wrote: “My time with NNSL is over. After we both gave it our best try, it turned out we just weren’t the right fit. I wish the papers well in the future.”

His replacement has not been named.