Snowking reverse raffle returns with $17,000 prize fund

A major fundraiser for Yellowknife’s Snowkings’ Winter Festival has returned: tickets for the King of the Hill reverse raffle are now on sale online.

Offering a high-profile opportunity to be disappointed when your name is read out, the raffle draws names each day to eliminate contenders, some of whom are pacified with minor prizes.

At the end, the one person remaining is named King or Queen of the Hill and wins a grand prize of $5,000. Various other cash prizes and gimmicks to get failed contestants back into the draw are available.


According to organizers, 500 tickets are available. Each costs $100 and includes a daytime season pass for the festival. Draws take place daily throughout March.

The coming year’s Snowcastle will mark the return of the Great Hall, an indoor gathering space, after two years of being struck from the blueprints because of the pandemic.

More than 100 performers have applied to play inside the hall, organizers said on Tuesday, and there are upwards of 25 expressions of interest in competing at 2023’s snow carving tournament.

The castle’s 28th season will also include the usual ice slides and other architectural wonders. Harvesting of the 400 ice blocks required to build much of the castle structure has now begun.

The 2023 edition of the festival runs from March 1-26.