Glass, chair on street after incident in downtown Yellowknife

A chair sits amid broken glass on a Yellowknife street
A chair sits amid broken glass on a Yellowknife street. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

Multiple emergency vehicles were summoned to Yellowknife’s Red Apple restaurant on Saturday after an incident left windows smashed.

A staff member at the Red Apple, who asked not to be named, told Cabin Radio a man who appeared to be intoxicated had entered the restaurant and behaved in a disruptive manner.

The staff member said five people had attempted to restrain the man, but he had used a chair to smash some restaurant windows before police arrived.

The Red Apple has since reopened, the staff member said. They said nobody in the restaurant, including staff and customers, had been hurt in the incident, but police had escorted the man in question to an ambulance.



An ambulance attending the scene alongside police vehicles was seen departing just before 2pm.

RCMP have been approached for information. Officers could be seen taking photos of the scene.

At least two of the restaurant’s windows facing Franklin Avenue had been smashed, leaving a significant quantity of glass on the street.

An upturned chair sat amid shards of glass on the sidewalk.