Volks on the rocks – Volkssporters plan 2020 YK convention

Last modified: November 21, 2018 at 8:18am

In June 2020, four buses filled with volkssporters will descend on Yellowknife to hike.

The Canadian Volkssport Federation has selected the territory’s capital as the location for its annual convention that year.

Volkssporters participate in “non-competitive activities including walking, swimming, cross-country skiing and cycling,” according to their federation’s website.


Nancy Makepeace, of Hay River, is helping to organize the convention as the federation’s director for the region.

“The volkssport club has been active in Canada for 25 years and we wanted to try something different,” she said, explaining why Yellowknife was selected.

“We weren’t sure if people would sign up to come but it’s really taken off.”

Earning stamps

Within days of the location announcement, four buses from Edmonton had already been filled: two coming for a pre-convention tour and two for a post-convention tour.

Makepeace says people are coming from across the world to not only participate in the convention, but also join the nearly 1,500-km bus tour.


The buses will stop along the way and the volkssporters, who she describes as “a really active group,” will disembark and hike between five and 10 kilometres before carrying on.

Stops are tentatively planned in Peace River, Hay River, and Fort Providence.

If the walks have been sanctioned by the Ottawa branch – meaning they have been mapped out – volkssporters can send away for a stamp celebrating their achievement.

Makepeace sees the convention as an opportunity to not only introduce volkssporters to the territory, but also introduce the territory to the sport.


She and other organizers will visit Yellowknife next June to preplan walks around Frame Lake.

The convention and annual general meeting will take place on June 12-14, 2020.