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Yellowknifers: plan a graceful exit for your Christmas tree

A file photo of a Christmas tree
A file photo of a Christmas tree. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

Look. This is awkward, because we know you guys are close – but your tree isn’t going to be around forever.

If you are one of the lucky Yellowknifers boasting a real tree in your home this year, now may be the time to start planning an appropriate January send-off.

The Yellowknife Association for Community Living says it’ll extricate your expired Xmas ephemera – tree, shrubs, you name it – and even help you take down your decorations.

The City of Yellowknife no longer offers curbside tree pick-up, the association said, so it’s stepping in to do the work with the Odd Job Squad: a group of local, under-employed people who self-identify with disabilities.



“For $10, the squad will pick up your old Christmas tree from your curbside on weekdays in January,” the association said in a news release.

“The Odd Job Squad is also available to take down Xmas decorations and make dump runs, as well as a long list of other short-term or one-time tasks, such as yardwork, housecleaning, and furniture deliveries.”

The association launched the group in May. People who sign up to join the squad can earn a little extra cash when the association pairs them up with people or businesses who pay for help getting things done.

The Odd Job Squad can be booked for curbside pickup of your tree any day between January 2 and January 31.

To make a booking or request help with another job, get in touch with project manager Junn Gesmundo by email or at (867) 445-6967.