‘Multiple small fires’ started in Fort Smith rec centre

Fort Smith is pushing back against vandalism at the town’s recreation centre after “multiple small fires” were set in the building over the past month.

In a notice shared on Friday, the town said the Community and Recreation Centre had also been daubed with graffiti and had furniture broken in its new library.

The vandalism has taken place throughout the recreation centre – the fires were started in the bathroom and on the stage in the gym, while the graffiti extends throughout the facility. 


“We ask that all parents/guardians speak with their children and discuss with them the dangers of these actions. Setting fires is dangerous and could lead to them hurting themselves, or worse injuring others in our town,” wrote the town, asking that people let recreation staff know if they notice any suspicious behaviour.

The town also plans on installing security cameras soon.

Fort Simpson is similarly asking parents to keep an eye on their kids after its recreation centre staff kept catching youth in places where they weren’t supposed to be.

“When you come to the rec centre for events with your kids or family members, you are responsible for them,” the village warned, adding that if children are found wandering the centre when they are supposed to be in the gym or elsewhere in the building for an event, they will be given one warning. If they are caught again, they will have to leave the recreation centre for the day.

“This has been a big issue in the last few events and we, the rec centre staff, want it to stop as we are not babysitters,” said the village.