Inuvik will take over Vancouver Maritime Museum in March

The Town of Inuvik will hold an event at the Vancouver Maritime Museum in March to give city residents “a taste of the Arctic in their own backyard.”

The event runs alongside the Vancouver Outdoor Adventure Show, where the town will be represented. An Evening in the Arctic, at the museum from 5-9pm on March 2, is free to attend.

In a press release, the town said Vancouver Indigenous chef Paul Natrall of Mr Bannock will provide catering, while two cultural ambassadors “will join the team to represent Inuvik and Indigenous culture.”


The town said its annual attendance at the Vancouver Outdoor Adventure Show happens “under the premise of enlightening and educating our prospective visitors about Inuvik, the Dempster Highway, the Mackenzie Delta and the Western Arctic.”

The museum, opened in 1959, presents the maritime history of Vancouver, BC and the Arctic.