Get ready for a Wolverine Blizzard south of Yellowknife

An artist's impression of a wolverine in a blizzard
An artist's impression of a wolverine in a blizzard. Composite image featuring wolverine from Ahtari Zoo, Finland

From Friday to Sunday, anyone heading south of Yellowknife may bump into a Wolverine Blizzard.

That’s the mildly terrifying name given to a military exercise taking place near the community between January 25 and 27.

Yellowknife’s Canadian Army reserves – C Company, The Loyal Edmonton Regiment – are staging a winter survival and patrolling exercise.

Activities will take place around four kilometres south of Yellowknife in the vicinity of PEg Lake.



“Weapons will be carried during this exercise but no weapons will be discharged and no ammunition of any kind will be carried,” read a Department of National Defence news release warning people of the plans.

“The public may notice military snowmobile traffic in the region as Canadian Armed Forces personnel begin preparing the training location starting January 24. From January 25-27, soldiers will be carrying weapons, constructing shelters, patrolling, and conducting winter survival training in the area.”

Anyone in the area will see a base camp on the north shore of Peg Lake, with military traffic on nearby snowmobile trails – which will remain open to the public.

“Members of the public are encouraged to approach and speak with participating soldiers if they encounter them and wish to do so,” read the statement.

“The Loyal Edmonton Regiment strives to maintain a good environmental stewardship and operates so that there is a minimal impact to the environment.”