RCMP charge Yellowknife woman over false fire alarm

A Northview Apartment REIT photo of Crestview Manor in Yellowknife
A Northview Apartment REIT photo of Crestview Manor in Yellowknife.

Police in Yellowknife say they have charged a woman regarding a false alarm at a downtown apartment building.

In a news release on Wednesday, RCMP named the woman charged as Carlena Mantla, 29.

RCMP said the charge related to a fire alarm at Crestview Manor, on 52 Avenue, at 6:30am on Sunday, January 20.

“Officers responded to the call along with the City of Yellowknife Fire Division. An investigation determined that it was a false fire alarm,” said RCMP in the news release.



Mantla faces one charge related to Section 437 of the criminal code, which deals with “false alarm of fire.”

She is due in court on Tuesday, February 26. No charge has yet been proven.

“Over the past few months, RCMP and the City of Yellowknife Fire Division have responded to multiple false fire alarms in residential units throughout the city,” said police.

“RCMP wish to inform the public that false fire alarm calls are taken seriously and when improperly used, they occupy valuable resources that could be used elsewhere in the event of an actual emergency.

“RCMP remind residents to treat fire alarms seriously and to only use them in the event of a real emergency.”