The Bear is back! Home to the Cabin, 4-6pm weekdays

Last modified: February 4, 2019 at 2:00pm

The Bear is back!

In October of 2007, I started broadcasting in the North. I had found a new home and felt very welcomed by the people.

That was a cold winter, similar to the conditions we have been experiencing lately. I wondered what I had gotten myself into. What made me stay was the warmth and generosity of the people.


I was supposed to be here for nine months. It’s 11 years later and this is my home.

In November of 2015 I abruptly had a hiatus from broadcasting. I missed it a great deal. So when Cabin Radio launched, I was so grateful for the opportunity to do a weekly show.

Listen live: Click here any time for the 24/7 Cabin Radio live stream!

At first it was a one-hour show, but that only whet my appetite for being involved in broadcasting again. So then Out of the Bear Cave became a two-hour show, Tuesdays at 6pm. (Let me quickly say that Bear Cave isn’t going anywhere as long as Cabin Radio will have me. I love bringing the listener new music.)

What is new is that officially, as of February 4, I will be the regular host of Home to the Cabin, Monday-Friday from 4-6pm.


It is always important to acknowledge the contribution of the forerunners and trailblazers that have paved the way and so a huge shoutout to Greg Hanna, who is a phenomenal broadcaster and who has set a high bar to aspire to in assuming the hosting duties for the show. Greg is an asset to both Cabin Radio and the community, that will not change.

So what do I bring to the show? Well, I hope to inject new music into the daytime schedule. I will be featuring Instant Bear Cave segments where I will play a song from the Bear Cave show so you get a taste of the new music that’s out there.

I also hope to highlight some of the fun that the Cabin Radio morning crew is having, so I’ll be playing a best-of clip and responding to it in case you missed it. Down the road I hope we will be introducing contests and giveaways.

Jay Bear, left, and attemptress interview Major Funk and the Employment at Folk on the Rocks 2018
Jay Bear, left, and attemptress interview Major Funk and the Employment at Folk on the Rocks 2018.

Finally, I’ll be trying to highlight local activities and events so that you have a sense of what’s on offer here in the North. All with my twisted sense of humour and love for the people of the NWT.


I’ve missed broadcasting on a daily basis and I’ve missed connecting with listeners. It feels good to be back and there is nowhere I’d rather be doing it than with the incredible crew at Cabin Radio. Life is truly better at the Cabin.

I hope you’ll join me online, Monday to Friday 4-6pm, for Home to the Cabin and again on Tuesday nights 6-8pm for Out of the Bear Cave.

Thank you to Ollie and everyone at Cabin Radio for making this happen. I couldn’t be more excited!