KFN offers emergency funds to members affected by the wildfire

Kátł’odeeche First Nation (KFN) is offering members and residents who had to evacuate due to the wildfire temporary emergency financial aid.

In a Facebook post, KFN outlined evacuees who qualify for funding must be registered with the evacuation centre in the town they are staying in, and listed contacts and contact information for each town.

Evacuees in Yellowknife are asked to check in with Amanda Martel, Atanda Norn, or Phil Moon Sun at the Yellowknife multiplex.


In Fort Providence, evacuees should connect with Vivian LaFleur at the Snowshoe Inn. 

KFN members who evacuated elsewhere are asked to call the First Nation’s financial manager, Keegan Lund, to receive a direct deposit.

Evacuees are eligible if they are members of the First Nation and evacuated from either KFN or Hay River, or if they are non-members who were living on the reserve and had to evacuate.

KFN is working in collaboration with and is receiving funding from the Dene Nation for the emergency financial aid program.