Frank Gruben search: Police seek residents’ video footage

RCMP are asking Fort Smith residents to check their properties and any video footage they might have for signs of Frank Gruben.

The 30-year-old was last seen in the town on May 6. Police and residents have been searching for him since he was formally declared by RCMP to be missing on May 8.

At a council meeting on Tuesday this week, Sgt Cagri Yilmaz asked any residents who have cameras on their property – such as doorbell cameras or security cameras – to get in touch.


“I’m asking community members to check all the property they have, small or big – abandoned sheds, anything on their property, please search,” Yilmaz said during a regular police briefing for town councillors.

“I would like to have community members that have cameras on their property come forward if they have video recordings from May 1 until May 8 or 9.”

Fort Smith’s detachment can be reached at 867-872-1111.

Councillor Dana Fergusson has been sharing regular updates on the search for Frank.

On Tuesday, Fergusson said ground search efforts were continuing around the town using a grid system.


“If you know anything, Fort Smith, contact the folks here or the RCMP. Somebody knows something and they need your information to help resolve this,” Fergusson said.