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For sale: Yukon government outhouses, ‘very dirty interiors’

A retired Yukon outhouse, as pictured on the GovDeals website
A retired Yukon outhouse, as pictured on the GovDeals website.

Got $200 burning a hole in your pocket? Need something unique for that special someone? Buy a Yukon Government toilet.

Yukon Parks is selling a range of old outhouses on GovDeals, a website where governments can get rid of unwanted items to the highest bidder.

Given the state of many northern park outhouses during their active lives, you can only imagine what one needs to look like for the outhouse grim reaper to take it away.

“Some damage, lots of wear, and very dirty interiors,” the description for most of the outhouses reads. One or two also have roof damage. (What a curry that must have been.)

The interior of a Yukon Parks outhouse listed for sale
The interior of a Yukon Parks outhouse listed for sale. (We’ve seen worse.)
An example of roof damage
An example of roof damage.

Extraordinarily, every one of the outhouses listed on GovDeals already has bids. In fact, some appear to be the subject of bidding wars.



Despite being listed at a starting price of $10, several of the outhouses were trading at or near $300 as of Thursday evening, with three days still to go until the first auctions close. Some outhouses have six days of bidding left.

At the time of writing, one outhouse had already received 26 separate bids, possibly from people who recognize their value as an addition to a backcountry cabin. Or maybe they just want the component materials. Or the story.

Everything the shite touches is your kingdom
Everything the shite touches is your kingdom.

The provenance of the outhouses is unclear. The listing for each states that they may have “unknown issues” and that each ass-sit asset “is being sold as-is and as described.”

If for some reason you’d like to own one, head to GovDeals and search for “outhouse.” (Heck, why not refurbish them? Kitchener Public Library is selling toilet paper dispensers on the same website. Why shop anywhere else…)