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Old Town Glassworks receives $25K for equipment and planning

Stemware by Old Town Glassworks is seen in a photo posted by the co-op to Facebook.Stemware by Old Town Glassworks. Old Town Glassworks/Facebook
Stemware by Old Town Glassworks is seen in a photo posted by the co-op to Facebook.


Yellowknife’s Old Town Glassworks has received nearly $25,000 through the federal government’s investment readiness program.

In a news release, the small business said the funding will be used to update technology and work on a business analysis to help it grow sustainably as it approaches its 30th anniversary.

“Being recognized in this way means a lot to us,” Matthew Grogono, the founder of Old Town Glassworks, was quoted as saying. 

“Community is a vital part of Yellowknife, and being a workers’ co-operative means we put community at the centre of our values. 



“We want to work with more creative materials, especially the materials that are otherwise discarded into the landfill. Social enterprises are not as well recognized as traditional corporate businesses, but we’ve been working hard to remain a co-op and continue serving the North, and this gives me hope for our future.”

Canada’s minister of social development, Karina Gould, commended the business for its “incredible example” of ways to rethink, reduce, reuse, and recycle materials, and build an economy based on equity and shared prosperity.

“The investment readiness program supports our goal to increase inclusion and opportunities for participation of Canadians in their communities, and is a foundational element toward building the economy Canadians want,”  Gould said in the release.

The investment readiness program funding was awarded to Old Town Glassworks via the Yellowknife Community Foundation.