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Ernest Betsina and Bobby Drygeese running for Dettah chief position

Ernest Betsina, left, speaking at a Dene Nation memorial walk and Bobby Drygeese, right, in a councillor portrait. Photos: Meaghan Brackenbury/Cabin Radio (left) and YKDFN (right)

Ernest Betsina and Bobby Drygeese are vying to become Dettah’s chief for the next four years.

The election for Dettah chief of the Yellowknives Dene First Nation (YKDFN) will be held on Monday, August 14.

Betsina has formerly served as chief of Ndilo, while Drygeese is currently serving as a YKDFN councillor.

An election for 10 councillor positions will be held two weeks later on Monday, August 28. 

The YKDFN council includes the chiefs of Dettah and Ndilo, as well as five councillors from each community.



Nominations for councillor positions are still open and close on Thursday, June 29.

An all-candidates forum has not yet been booked.

Edward Sangris, who has been Dettah’s chief since 2007 and served four consecutive terms, is not running this year. He was understood to not be well in April, when the YKDFN held a feeding-the-fire ceremony to pray for healing for him.

Fred Sangris is currently serving as chief of Ndilo after being elected in 2021.