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If Cabin Radio had a newsletter, what would make you subscribe?

A Cabin Radio microphone and headphones
A Cabin Radio microphone and headphones. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio

We’re creating a newsletter. Take a quick survey and help us come up with one you genuinely want to read.

Why are we doing this? There are a few reasons. (If you just want to take the survey you can skip all this and click here.)

Newsletters are cool again, in part thanks to services like Substack. Some readers have told us they’d like to get a Cabin Radio newsletter, and we promised we’d explore how that might look.

It’s a different way to keep in touch with our audience, and that will be important when Meta and Google carry out their threat to stop showing any Canadian news.

That threat came about because of the Online News Act, which tries to make big tech companies pay for content shared on their platforms. We’re not going to get into the fine detail – the important part here is that a newsletter helps us get news to you (and things like fun videos and contests) even if other platforms dry up.



Rest assured this website will always be here, so the newsletter isn’t replacing anything. It would be an extra service.

Do you want your newsletter daily? Weekly? Whenever we feel like it? And what do you want in it – a summary of recent stories? Bonus stories we didn’t publish to our website? Fun, uplifting stuff like pet photos and feel-good local video?

We want to hear more about a newsletter you would be glad to receive and read. Please take this survey to help us out.