Police say they’ve halted a Łutselkʼe bootlegging operation

RCMP in Łutselkʼe say they’ve broken up a bootlegging operation in the community after being called to a disturbance last week.

Police reported seizing a total of 66 bottles of liquor. Łutselkʼe is a so-called ‘dry’ community in which alcohol is banned.

A woman, who was not named, has been arrested and charges are pending, police said.


In a news release published on Monday, police described the seizure as “a significant amount of liquor.”

Reportedly included in the seizure are 30 375-ml bottles, 33 200-ml bottles, a 750-ml bottle, and two 1.75-L bottles.

The total value of the goods was estimated by police at $3,400.

The bottles were taken after RCMP responded to a complaint of a disturbance at a Łutselkʼe home last Thursday afternoon, police said.

“Łutselkʼe is an alcohol-prohibited community and no amount of alcohol is permitted within the community boundaries,” read a police statement.


“Łutselkʼe RCMP would like to thank the public for their contribution to this investigation.”