Road closure as City investigates sewage leak

Last modified: April 2, 2019 at 2:44pm

There is traffic disruption on Yellowknife’s Kam Lake Road and Coronation Drive as the City investigates a nearby sewage leak.

In a news release shortly after noon on Tuesday, City officials said “crews are actively working on a breach of the sewage force main by Kam Lake Road and Coronation Drive.”

A nearby lift station has been closed and sewage lines diverted to stop the flow, the City said.


It’s not clear how large the leak is, how it happened, and what damage, if any, it has caused to the surrounding area.

“We are currently assessing the breach and the extent of damage, and have started work to repair the break,” read the City’s news release.

Residents are told Kam Lake Road will be reduced to one lane of traffic on Tuesday afternoon with flag persons directing vehicles.

Coronation Drive is closed from Curry Drive to Kam Lake Road.

“At this time, roads can be expected to be closed or reduced to one lane for the entire day,” said the City. “We will provide an update when available.”


On Tuesday afternoon, City spokesperson Stephanie Vandeputte told Cabin Radio crews had completed digging up Kam Lake Road to expose the sewage main and carry out repairs.

Crews were backfilling the road, said Vandeputte, while on Coronation Drive a separate team was working “along the ditches to ensure minimal damage to properties in the area.”

In a separate incident a year ago, a pressurized sewage pipe ruptured in Kam Lake. Between 1,000 and 2,000 cubic metres of sewage were estimated to have been released by that breach – a little less than an Olympic swimming pool’s volume.