To find where the money went, Fort Res starts forensic audit

Weeks after announcing the Hamlet of Fort Resolution is broke, Mayor Louis Balsillie said councillors have now authorized a forensic audit.

Balsillie advised community members the audit will examine both finance and administration in the hamlet office.

“This is not to do with former leadership, but rather to look at day-to-day operations and analyze the current lack of operating funds,” he explained in a Facebook post.


However, one former leader seemed to take umbrage, posting what appeared to be financial documents showing the hamlet in a healthier state during their tenure.

On Tuesday, former mayor Garry Bailey used his wife’s Facebook account to write a message on Balsillie’s page.

Bailey shared what appeared to be the hamlet’s 2016-17 audited financial statements, including an apparent accumulated surplus increasing to eight percent from three percent the year prior.

At the end of the 2016-17 financial year, the photo of the auditor’s report suggests, the community had a $611,000 annual surplus.

Cabin Radio was unable to independently verify the document’s authenticity prior to the long weekend.


“As you see, there was a surplus when I left in 2017 even after creating one full-time position and a half-time position, not to mention all programs were delivered,” Bailey wrote.

“I have always represented Fort Resolution to the best I could and tried to be fair, no favouritism.

“Those who know me should know I would never sink my community and my home.”

Bailey suggested the community approach the hamlet and ask to review the two financial audits completed during Bailey’s time as mayor.


In March, Balsillie said the hamlet was so broke that six people had been laid off.

“I came across all these problems when I took on this role and it may take two years before we get back on our feet,” Balsillie said at the time.

“We are in a bad place right now but our hamlet will get back on track and will be run properly and efficiently before you know it.”

Balsillie could not be reached for comment on Thursday.