Strange man on rock intrigues Yellowknifers

A man with a placard sits on rocks next to a highway in Yellowknife
A man with a placard sits on rocks next to a highway in Yellowknife.

A man perched alone atop a Yellowknife rock, bearing a sign reading “kids these days,” has caught the eye of residents driving along Highway 3.

The man, whose identity is not known, appears seated on an old chair with a beverage and snack – his large placard propped in front of him, facing traffic.

He could be seen on Monday on rocks across the highway from the NWT Power Corporation’s Jackfish power plant, approaching Niven Gate.

His appearance, and message, could not be immediately explained.



“He was out there for a while,” one Yellowknife resident wrote in response to an initial enquiry by another resident on Cabin Radio’s Facebook page.

A man with a placard is seen on rocks next to a highway in Yellowknife

The man’s purpose was not immediately evident.

“I walked by around 4pm. I thought it was a mannequin at first but then he moved.”

Another resident added: “A sure sign of spring.”

While the sign could be extraordinarily late publicity for the 2017 Malcolm Harris book Kids These Days, or a tribute to the sadly now-defunct Chicago indie band of the same name, some other, as-yet unidentified explanation is likely.

If you can help to explain Kids These Days Man, or if you are the man himself, feel free to contact Cabin Radio with more information.