NWT’s ‘aged and disabled’ allowances increase

Five $20 bills and a $5 bill
Five $20 bills and a $5 bill, representing the $105 monthly increase to certain allowances in the NWT. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio

Additional allowances for NWT residents on income assistance aged 60 or older, or who have a disability, have increased from $300 to $405 per month.

The increase is being automatically added to payments – referred to by the territory as “aged and disabled allowances” – starting on April 1.

“Increasing these allowances will have an immediate and direct benefit to seniors and persons with disabilities receiving income assistance,” said Carolyn Cochrane, the minister responsible, in a prepared statement.

“Additional financial support will be provided to seniors to age in place, and to persons with disabilities to assist in improving their quality of life.



“I’m pleased to see these changes, and I hope we will be seeing many more in the coming months and years.”

While income support is designed to help people meet basic needs such as food and accommodation, the additional allowance contributes toward expenses related to residents’ age or disability.