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Yellowknifers invited to try stick curling

A photo of the Yellowknife Curling Club ice in October 2019
A photo of the Yellowknife Curling Club ice in October 2019. Photo: Yellowknife Curling Club

The Yellowknife Curling Centre will soon offer a taste of stick curling, a variant featuring two-person teams and “delivery sticks” instead of sliding on the ice.

Proponents say it’s a safer way to curl, with less sweeping and a focus on shot-making.

Games last for one hour and involve six ends with six rocks per end.

“Stick curling is perfect for people who used to curl or who have wanted to try curling, without committing to the more physical aspects of the game,” said Mike Borden, one of the centre’s stick curling organizers, in a press release.

Norma Jarvis, another organizer, said her sister began playing in a stick curling league after retiring.



“While I was visiting her, I had the chance to go out and watch her. She was clearly having a lot of fun,” Jarvis was quoted as saying.

“The game involves a lot of the best things about curling – the chance to meet people, strategy, friendly competition, the social aspects, it’s all there.”

Yellowknifers are invited to try stick curling for free on November 13 from 7pm or November 18 from 10:30am. A basic lesson will be offered at each session. Email the organizers for more information.

“If there is sufficient interest, regular time slots will be set in the New Year for ongoing play,” the Yellowknife Curling Centre said.