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Who Wants to be Slightly Healthier Than They Are Now?

Square Carrot

Five NWT charities are sending contenders to Cabin Radio in a week of health trivia celebrating the launch of Carrot Rewards in the Northwest Territories.

In partnership with the Government of the Northwest Territories, Cabin Radio is giving $2,000 to good causes – and maybe, just maybe, we’ll all get a little healthier at the same time.

Carrot Rewards is a fun, simple smartphone app to help you live well – packed with health guidance you can trust and your favourite reward points.

Carrot Rewards

You earn points by referring a friend, reaching goals, or answering health questions – and you can spend points with a range of great partners.



That’s right, there’s trivia involved! And you know Cabin Radio loves trivia.

So every day this week (May 27-31) at 8am, listen live to Mornings at the Cabin and support five charities as they go up against a Millionaire–style health and wellness quiz to earn money for good causes!

Our five participating charities are:

  • NWT Disabilities Council
  • NWT Literacy Council
  • Foster Family Coalition of the NWT

The first few questions might be simple… but after that, we’ll crank up the difficulty and make our contenders sweat. Listen along, or catch the video online, and test yourself at the same time.

Carrot Rewards promotes and rewards good lifestyle choices, and is backed by a wide range of government and private-sector partners.

Find out more each morning by listening to the show, then download the app and get going!