Elon Muskox returns outside Yellowknife’s City Hall

Last modified: June 27, 2019 at 9:32am

An 11-foot horticultural muskox gifted to Yellowknife by Québec last year has returned for the summer in a stunning new coat.

The muskox made its first appearance in November, in a rugged, wintry coat of earthen grasses.

After its withdrawal for a makeover in the spring, Cabin Radio uncovered the beast looking rejuvenated inside an Arctic Farmer greenhouse last week.


The muskox was placed back in its former haunt – on guard outside Yellowknife’s City Hall – on Thursday morning.

Unanticipated Gift Muskox: Summer 2019 Edition is a far more colourful animal, boasting a healthy reddish glow to the complexion.

The muskox’s coat is now a luscious green with blooms of purple, white, and red.

The monument was christened “Elon Muskox” in a competition somehow won by a Florida resident late last year. It began life as an attraction at MosaïCanada – a hugely successful Canada 150 exhibition inside Gatineau’s Parc Jacques-Cartier – in 2017.

The muskox then made an encore Gatineau appearance in 2018 before being offered up by the organizers, Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal, to the Northwest Territories as a gift.


The territorial government accepted and passed the animal to the City of Yellowknife.

Cabin Radio understands a City employee was sent south for specific training related to the animal’s horticultural upkeep, but staff have since elected to delegate the maintenance to Arctic Farmer – and the finished summer edition has a distinctly different feel to the grasses covering the muskox in previous years.

Yellowknife’s muskox, right, at the 2017 MosaiCanada 150 show in Gatineau. Viv Lynch/Flickr

A muskox gifted to the City of Yellowknife sits outside City Hall

The muskox outside City Hall in November 2018. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio


A muskox planted with flowers and grasses inside an Arctic Farmer greenhouse

How the muskox looked earlier this month, at Arctic Farmer. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

Elon Muskox stands in Yellowknife's Somba K'e park in the summer of 2019

Elon Muskox stands in Yellowknife’s Somba K’e Park, just an hour after its triumphant return. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio

Earth is filled in beneath the newly restored Elon Muskox in Yellowknife's Somba K'e Park

On Thursday morning, workers were filling in earth beneath the newly restored muskox. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio