Someone is feeding Yellowknife’s foxes. Stop doing that

Yellowknife has a new, unofficial fat fox café on Twin Pine Hill, and officials are unimpressed.

In a warning published on Wednesday, the territory’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) urged whoever’s feeding the local foxes to stop – saying it’s now a public safety issue.

The department even provided a contact number – 867-767-9238, extension 53247 – for people to call if they know who’s responsible.


“ENR is looking for the public’s assistance in putting an end to the illegal feeding of foxes in the 44 Street/Twin Pine Hill area of Yellowknife,” read the statement.

“The department has received numerous reports and is looking for more information on who may be involved in the illegal feeding of these wild animals.

“The foxes in the Twin Pine Hill area have become habituated to humans, which has created a public safety concern for residents and students in the area.”

Providing food for foxes is against the law. The department said doing so makes foxes happier to hang around humans, increasing the risk of humans suffering “bodily harm or disease.”

Meanwhile, ENR will try to relocate the Twin Pine Hill foxes once the young ones are old enough to safely make the move.


“Feeding wildlife often ends up in the animal being killed, either from the food itself or because the animal has become a threat to public safety and must be put down,” said the department.