Cabin Radio’s 2019 NWT and federal election coverage

Cabin Radio NWT Election 2019

Cabin Radio brings you in-depth coverage of the people running to represent you in this year’s federal and territorial elections.

In the build-up to election day – October 1 for the territorial election, October 21 for the federal election – this is your home of incisive, detailed examinations of who your candidates are and what they stand for.

We’ll try to reach as many candidates as we can for full-length interviews exploring their policies, beliefs, and track records.

You’ll be able to hear those interviews on Cabin Radio’s Lunchtime News and read full transcripts on this website.



This year, we’re also planning to make easily understood summaries of each candidate’s key campaign pledges – and what they tell us in our interviews with them – so you can quickly see who’s offering what. If you don’t have the time to read every word of our coverage but need to be informed for polling day, we have you covered.

On territorial election night, Cabin Radio will have live coverage from the moment the polls close. In 2018 we brought the NWT’s municipal election results to you first, and in 2019 we’ll have expert analysis in-studio alongside live updates from our reporters following the count in all 19 districts.

If you would like to volunteer to be a part of Cabin Radio’s territorial election night team on October 1 – particularly if you live in a community outside Yellowknife (though we welcome Yellowknife residents too!) – contact our head of programming for more information about helping our team to bring fast, accurate results and reaction to NWT residents.

On federal election night, come to Cabin Radio’s website for results and analysis from the NWT as Canada votes.