Fort Simpson resident replaces families’ stolen bikes

When two families camping in Fort Simpson for the summer had their children’s bikes stolen, they asked the community to keep an eye out for the missing equipment.

Instead, within a few hours, someone stepped up and delivered the children brand new bikes.

Margaret Doerksen’s campsite for the summer is right beside a playground at the Fort Simpson Territorial Campground.


She guessed the kids had left their bikes at the playground – which they can see from their campsite – when it was time to come home for supper.

“When we came out, the bikes were gone,” she told Cabin Radio.

The two families, in town for contract work, found one of the three missing bikes a few days later.

Doerksen hadn’t planned on doing anything about the remaining bikes but, after going to the Canada Day parade and community activities, she changed her mind.

“Everybody was so nice to us and included us in their games,” she said. “I thought, they were so nice, maybe they could help us look around [for the missing bikes].”


She posted about the missing bikes on the community’s Facebook group and, within a few hours, Normand Prevost had gone above and beyond by offering to replace the bikes.

“[The kids] were super happy. They were driving bikes all evening,” said Doerksen, who wanted to thank the community for the kind gesture – and added they are really enjoying living in Fort Simpson for the summer.