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Beware pipe protruding from YK’s Franklin Avenue

A closer look at the obstacle on Franklin Avenue
A July 9, 2019 image of an obstacle protruding from Yellowknife's Franklin Avenue road surface. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

A piece of what appears to be piping has emerged from Yellowknife’s Franklin Avenue, creating a driving hazard near the School Draw Avenue intersection.

The obstacle, which appears to be metal pipe embedded beneath the road, was first reported to Cabin Radio on Tuesday lunchtime.

The pipe extends about two inches above the road surface on the southbound side of the street.

Its positioning means most drivers are likely to avoid it, but a direct hit at the wrong angle might have consequences for your tires.



There were no immediate reports of damage to vehicles.

It’s not clear if the pipe leads down to a world occupied by plumbers, mushrooms, various anthropomorphic tortoises, and a distressed princess, followed perhaps by a final showdown with the City’s director of public works.

Residents responding to our initial report were quick to suggest similar protrusions exist elsewhere in the city, such as along Old Airport Road. So far, nobody has been able to say with certainty when they occurred.

“It’s an old thermosiphon that was installed,” a City of Yellowknife spokesperson told Cabin Radio. “They are in several areas of town but no longer used.”



Wondering why some people have been seeing them for years, but others haven’t? It depends when you look.

“They are deep and get jacked by frost heave,” the spokesperson said. “We cut these off a couple times a year.”

The obstacle sits near the intersection with School Draw Avenue. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

The obstacle sits roughly two inches off the ground. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio