Woman charged after rollover on Ingraham Trail

An overturned Honda on the Ingraham Trail in July 2019
A woman is charged with impaired driving after a grey Honda rolled over on the Ingraham Trail last Friday. Emelie Peacock/Cabin Radio

A 26-year-old woman has been charged with impaired driving after the vehicle she was driving rolled over along the Ingraham Trail on Friday.

As first reported by CKLB, the rollover happened at the 15-km mark on the Ingraham Trail – five kilometres past the turnoff to Dettah.

When police arrived at around 5:15pm on July 19, Yellowknife’s fire division, emergency medical responders, and municipal enforcement officers were already on scene.

The overturned car along the Ingraham Trail. Emelie Peacock/Cabin Radio



A passenger travelling with the 26-year-old was treated for what police say was not a life-threatening injury.

The driver is charged with operating a motor vehicle while impaired and failing to comply with a demand related to testing for alcohol – which could involve failing, or refusing to comply with, a breath sample or physical coordination test.

The vehicle remained overturned at the scene of the incident on Thursday, six days after the initial incident.