Driver safe, bison killed after crash along Liard Highway

Last modified: August 2, 2019 at 2:39pm

A bison had to be put down after it collided with a car on Wednesday south of Fort Liard along Highway 7. The driver of the car was treated for what police said were not life-threatening injuries.

Fort Liard RCMP were called to the scene of the crash along Highway 7 at around 4am on Wednesday, police spokesperson Julie Plourde told Cabin Radio.

A 31-year-old driver had collided with a bison along the highway 20 km south of the community.


The driver was transported to a health centre. The bison was badly injured and unable to walk, a Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) spokesperson said.

The animal was put down by an ENR officer.

A photo shared with Cabin Radio appears to show the badly damaged windshield and roof of a car allegedly involved in a collision with a bison. Submitted photo

“The carcass was transported back to Fort Liard and the edible meat has been packaged and frozen for distribution to community members,” ENR spokesperson Meagan Wohlberg stated.

A photo of the car allegedly involved in the crash appears to show extensive damage including a hole through the middle of the windshield, the roof of the car warped and buckled in, and damage to the hood and bumper.


This is not the first bison strike in the territory this year. In May, an abandoned red Chevrolet Camaro and a dead bison were found along Highway 5 between Hay River and Fort Smith. Two bison may have been hit in the crash.

At the time of the May crash, Sgt Jesse Gilbert of Fort Smith RCMP said herds of bison and bears were being spotted in high numbers close to the highway.

He urged drivers “to be cognizant of the increased wildlife this time of year.”