Bear active in Yellowknife’s Tin Can Hill area

Yellowknifers are being warned a bear is active in the Tin Can Hill area.

Bright yellow signs reading “caution – bear in area” are up at entrances to the nature area popular with dog owners and bikers. Residents are being urged to report sightings by calling 867-873-7181.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) reminded residents the NWT is bear territory.


While bears avoid contact with people in most cases, ENR states people should expect to encounter bears in areas where they share space with humans.

If people encounter a bear, they should remember: stop, stand still, and stay calm.

An ENR factsheet reminds people to not run, spread the word to others in the area that a bear is nearby, and leave the bear an open area to escape from the interaction.

Cabin Radio has reached out to the City of Yellowknife and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for more details.