Get Your Geek Con in Hay River next summer

Adam Aylward has never been to a comic-con, but that’s not stopping him from taking the lead to organize one in Hay River next summer.

The convention will be called Get Your Geek Con and will likely take place in late July, after Ptarmicon, the Yellowknife gaming and pop culture convention.

Aylward hosted the first planning meeting on Thursday night to brainstorm ideas and set up the convention’s board. Half a dozen people attended – but many more have emailed him, he said, asking to volunteer and be a part of the new event.


“I was approached by two members of the Town of Hay River who … asked me if I’d be interested in starting this up, and here we are,” said Aylward, explaining how the town’s nascent comic-con came to be.

“I’m excited for the kids and the possibility that they get to see something more than video games in the North.

“It’s not just comics and movies and video games. I’d like to get collectors in who like to sell baseball cards or sports cards, maybe role-playing games, board games, trains, you name it – anything to get geeky for,” he envisioned.

Aylward also hopes to include a cosplay element, explaining cosplay is growing in popularity in the NWT.

“There are cosplayers here in Hay River and I know that they take some pride and effort in the things they do. I’d love for younger kids to see that kind of enthusiasm,” he told Cabin Radio.


At the first planning meeting on Thursday night, the new board also decided to host video game and board game tournaments during the convention, which will be family-friendly.

“I’m very optimistic that this will be a draw for the North,” said Aylward. Organizers expect to work with local businesses to host events and sell merchandise.

If you want to be a part of Get Your Geek Con, contact Adam through the convention’s new Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter channels.