‘No further action’ over 2017 RCMP collision with YK man

Last modified: August 16, 2019 at 3:54pm

An investigation and two reviews of a collision between an RCMP vehicle and a man in Yellowknife two years ago have concluded no further action is warranted, police said on Friday.

The initial incident took place in the early morning hours of July 10, 2017, on 48 Street near Franklin Avenue, according to reports at the time.

A man identified by NNSL as James Picard, 35 at the time, either was hit by or “attempted to make contact with” an RCMP vehicle, the latter being RCMP’s interpretation of events.


Picard denied he jumped in front of the car, NNSL reported. In any case, the man ended up being taken to hospital and then flown to Edmonton for further treatment.

On Friday, RCMP said an investigation into what happened had been carried out by its major crimes unit, followed by two reviews – one conducted by Medicine Hat Police and a second by the Public Prosecution Service of Canada.

Police did not make the contents of the investigation and reviews public but said they had collectively “affirmed police actions” and the final, independent legal review had “recommended no further action toward the police is merited.”

Asked if that wording meant previous action had been taken but not made public, police later clarified that “no further action” referred purely to the investigation and subsequent reviews.

Beyond that, RCMP said, “civil litigation has been brought forward by the party involved” and no further comment would be issued.