NDP finds, but doesn’t yet identify, NWT election candidate

The NWT’s New Democratic Party has found a candidate to stand in this fall’s federal election – but has yet to announce who the person is.

Shane Pike, president of the NWT NDP, said the party plans to share the news with members in the coming days before issuing a statement to the media.

The candidate will be acclaimed on September 11 at 7pm in Yellowknife’s North Star building. That event will coincide with the NDP’s campaign kick-off.


Over the past week, the CBC has reported on an apparent national struggle for the NDP to fill its candidate list. As of September 3, no candidates had been announced in the NWT, Nunavut, PEI, or New Brunswick.

Satirizing the party’s travails, comedy outlet The Beaverton ran a report on Tuesday with the headline: “Search and rescue crews continue to look for any signal of federal NDP campaign.”

Earlier on Tuesday, New Brunswick’s New Democrats made headlines when 14 of them defected to the Green Party.