Police investigate ‘Nascar’ manoeuvre on Forrest Drive

RCMP in Yellowknife are investigating after a passerby alleged a vehicle came close to hitting children while out of control on Forrest Drive last Friday.

Avery Zingel was outside the CBC building, where she works, at around 6pm when she saw a vehicle she identified as a vintage Chevelle SS crash through barriers on the CBC’s lawn.

“He was doing what sounded like a burnout. He got sideways, either on purpose or because he lost control,” Zingel told Cabin Radio.


“He crashed through the barrier and there were some kids in the vicinity. He nearly hit them. The noise was quite loud.”

Zingel said the vehicle, with a male driver, reversed quickly and left the scene as she took photos.

“It was a bit stunning,” she said. “He was driving very recklessly and [the nearby children] were frightened.”

Police confirmed to Cabin Radio they had received “a traffic complaint in the area of Franklin Avenue and Forrest Drive” on Friday evening.


RCMP said their investigation was ongoing.

Zingel allowed that other circumstances, such as ill health, may have caused the driver to behave erratically – but said the incident would be inexcusable if that were not the case.

“Having a cool car does not entitle you to drive like you’re Nascar or something,” she said. “Relax. It’s Yellowknife.”