YK’s pin-up girls reveal new calendar (and stun tourists)


Yellowknife’s 2020 pin-up calendar has arrived – and it almost featured a tourist in his Speedos.

The latest YZF Pin Up calendar, masterminded by Trudy Hause and featuring more than a dozen women, was launched at a glitzy Copperhouse party on Thursday night.


The calendars cost $25 each. Money raised goes to NWT Breast Health/Breast Cancer Action Group.

At Thursday’s launch, calendar stars told stories of their photo sessions – mostly held during the winter months – including the time a tourist invaded Taylor Major’s ice-fishing shoot.

It’s a massive rack, which is kind-of the point.CAROLINE BROWNING-KAUFFMAN

“All the Chinese tourists showed up,” photographer Hause told Cabin Radio. “This guy came out in his Speedos. She’s out there, I’m photographing her, and this guy shows up in his skivvies.

“I looked at Taylor like, ‘Are you OK with this?’ And she’s like, ‘Oh yeah, let’s roll with it.’ All the tourists started to photograph both of them together. It was amazing.”


Hause said the coldest shoot, featuring scantily clad snowshoeing, took place in a temperature of -23C without windchill.

“This is my second calendar that I’ve put out. The first calendar, we couldn’t find anybody to take the money because of the content of the calendar,” said Hause.

“This time, the second I posted it on Facebook, Rosanna Strong from the breast cancer action group contacted me immediately and said they would take the money.”

Hause said her target is to raise $10,000 for the group. Calendars can be purchased from Trudy Hause Photography, at various locations in Yellowknife, and from the featured women themselves.


Jawah Bercier unveils her calendar image

Jawah Bercier unveils her calendar image. Photo: Lee Sacrey Photography

Jawah Bercier, who stars as a mechanic in her photo, said: “The actual experience of doing the whole calendar was amazing. Meeting the girls and becoming part of this family, this group that are so supportive of each other, has been tremendously rewarding. I think in some ways, we all needed each other without knowing it.”

Bercier said: “My grandmother had breast cancer. It hits home for me, for sure. I think it’s great for us to do and it’s amazing that so many people have showed up to support.”

Caroline Browning-Kauffman stars on the page for October 2020.

“I’m standing out on Vee Lake, scantily dressed, and I am holding antique binoculars,” she said, describing the image. “Next to me, in northern style, is a beautiful pair of antlers.

“It’s a massive rack, which is kind-of the point of this whole calendar.”

A YZF Pin Up calendar image is revealed

Calendars are on sale for $25. Photo: Lee Sacrey Photography

Browning-Kauffman said she was proud to do her part for the Yellowknife and NWT communities.

“To have the honour of doing this, with someone as talented as Trudy taking our pictures and finding the beauty in us to raise money for a worthy cause, is worth every bit,” she said.

“It was just a perfect day for a beautiful cause, to celebrate the people of the NWT who have breast cancer and our support for them.”