Before everyone else starts yelling at you: get off the ice, jeez

The City of Yellowknife has yet to issue its annual “stay off the thin ice” plea, but we all know it’s coming.

So here’s your first preemptive warning of the season: keep off thin lake ice. It’s not even remotely safe, especially given conditions haven’t been that cold yet for most parts of the NWT.

Even in Tuktoyaktuk, residents are being told to stay off the ice.


There is at least one sign along the shore of Frame Lake in Yellowknife warning of the danger – yet on Thursday, footprints in the frost could be seen marching straight past that sign and out onto the lake.

Each year, the City works with the Great Slave Snowmobile Association to measure ice thickness at various sites throughout the winter.

Typically, ice should be at least four inches thick to hold a person and six inches thick before snowmobilers can head out.

The City has yet to start updating its website with weekly measurements, but those updates should begin arriving weekly in the near future.

Last year, the City’s warning came before Thanksgiving. That warning said not only is the ice unsafe for residents, but it’s also dangerous for first responders who may have to rescue anyone who falls through.


If you do see someone in danger, call 873-2222 (or, starting on Monday, you can call 911) for help.