Plug in the car, Yellowknife drops to -25C this weekend

Last modified: November 8, 2019 at 10:30am

Yellowknife temperatures will dip below -20C for the first time this fall between Friday and Saturday, Environment and Climate Change Canada’s forecast suggests.

As of Friday morning, the federal forecast showed the temperature dropping below -20C around midnight – reaching a low of -25C at around 8am on Saturday before recovering to a high for the day of -19C.

An average low for this time of year in Yellowknife is -15C, Environment and Climate Change Canada’s website states. The record low for November 9 in Yellowknife is -29.2C in 1982.


Yellowknifers heading outdoors should bundle up on Saturday morning, with a temperature including windchill of -33C forecast.

Sunday and Monday will be a little warmer, the forecast suggests.

Temperatures elsewhere in the NWT are similar, though Inuvik and Hay River aren’t expected to quite reach as low as -20C.

Fort Smith will drop to -20C on Sunday night, while Fort Simpson and Norman Wells each have forecast lows of around -23C this weekend.