Kids ‘smoking everything’ in Fort Res bus, says mayor

The mayor of Fort Resolution took to Facebook this week to admonish youth who he alleges have been smoking and drinking in the hamlet’s bus.

Mayor Louis Balsillie wrote: “[The bus] has been parked beside the office for some time. We have discovered that kids have been inside this vehicle smoking everything and left waste behind from empty alcohol containers.”

Accompanying photos show cigarette butts stubbed out on the dash, while discarded soft drinks and bottles litter the floor.


It’s not clear how the Hamlet of Fort Resolution identified those responsible.

“We are asking all youth to please respect the Hamlet vehicles and property,” Balsillie continued. “It is for you youth to use.”

Fort Resolution uses the bus to bring students to sporting events in other communities and on day trips to Hay River.

Balsillie’s complaint marks the second reported NWT bus incident so far this month.

In early November, video footage showed four “older teens” vandalizing Mildred Hall School’s bus. The Yellowknife elementary school’s principal said the windshield and side windows were damaged and the school feared it could cost “tens of thousands” to fix.