The NWT Power Corp may be trying to give you back your cash

Last modified: November 18, 2019 at 2:47pm

The NWT Power Corporation is trying to return security deposits to around 50 of the territory’s residents or their estates, alongside three businesses.

On Monday, the power corporation – also known as NTPC – tweeted a list of former customers whose deposits have yet to be reclaimed, saying this would be a “final opportunity” to do so.

The unclaimed deposits add up to more than $5,000.


The power corporation’s terms and conditions oblige NTPC to make every effort in reuniting former customers with their deposits.

Deposits are taken by the corporation when new customers sign up “as a guarantee your NTPC account will be paid monthly,” the corporation states on its website.

Residential customers are charged $300, public housing tenants must deposit $100, and business users pay a deposit “equal to the two highest months’ estimated service.”

Check the power corporation’s tweet to see if you or someone you know is listed. Individuals are owed sums up to $300 or more.


Anyone affected should contact 1-800-661-0855 to claim their refund.

Many of the accounts listed are located in Inuvik and Fort Simpson or nearby communities. Yellowknife and Hay River have no accounts listed as Northland Utilities distributes power in those communities.