Get paid to protest in the NWT’s dystopian future

If you were already planning on protesting the godforsaken misery awaiting us in Yellowknife’s future, you may as well get paid for it.

Yellowknife’s next short film – Unearth, written and directed by Andrew Silke – is looking for you to join the cast as an extra, playing the role of “dystopian protester.”

The 10-minute film explores what would happen if the city’s arsenic escaped containment and only the elite class was able to evacuate the Earth. That’s what you’ll be protesting.


“It’s a dystopian future sci-fi,” explained Silke. “It’s a story of class differences in a future where the Earth is dying.”

Unearth will follow one family’s bid to participate in the evacuation. While the main cast has been selected, producers are still looking for between 10 and 20 adults to play protesters angry at the future world government.

Shooting takes place on December 3 from 1pm until 7pm and December 6 from 9am until noon.

Extras will be paid $15 per hour, and can expect to work around four hours each day.

Shoots will take place outside on Kam Lake and at nearby junkyards. Extras must be able to make their own way to the site and are asked to wear warm, dark clothing with no visible branding.


Silke requests people email him to sign up so he knows how many people to expect.

He’s hoping the film will premiere next fall at the Yellowknife International Film Festival – though that depends on how long editing the “very visual effects-heavy” film will take, he added.