Injured Fort Liard swan now being cared for in Burnaby, BC

A swan rescued by a Fort Liard resident after wandering, wounded, into the hamlet is reportedly now receiving treatment at a wildlife rescue centre in British Columbia.

The trumpeter swan was taken in by Laura Diamond-C after appearing to be left behind by other swans. The bird had an injured wing, Diamond-C said, and may have hurt itself after becoming trapped in lake ice.

Diamond-C trapped and cared for the swan after pursuing it across the community. On November 9, she said the swan was bound for Fort Simpson with a wildlife officer, where it was expected to receive treatment from a vet before being taken on to Yellowknife.


On Friday, CityNews Vancouver said the swan had since arrived at the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC’s centre in Burnaby.

“Her personality is definitely feisty – she has a big attitude, for sure,” Emma Zinck, a wildlife technician at the centre, told the network.

“She wants to have her own space, but she is really fun to work with.”

The swan was receiving treatment including water therapy, CityNews Vancouver reported, and has frostbite on its feet alongside the wing injury.

It is expected to recover in time to be released in the spring, the report added.