Yellowknife woman wins more than $100K on Poker Lotto game

A Yellowknife woman won 10 times more than she thought by scooping a jackpot while playing a so-called “watch and win” lottery game.

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation confirmed Eleanor Bran’s win this week. She walked away with $108,063.60, the corporation said, after purchasing the ticket in September.

Bran’s ticket involved a game entitled Poker Lotto, which allows the player to go “all in” for an extra dollar and open up the ability to win extra prizes.


Bran initially won a $10,000 instant prize but then, thanks to the all-in option, discovered she had in fact won more than $100,000.

“I was stunned,” she said in a Western Canada Lottery Corporation news release this week. “I thought I had only won $10,000. I didn’t realize I had won the all-in jackpot as well.

“I was so excited that I went ‘looney tunes,'” Bran added.

Names of winners are publicized in order to demonstrate the integrity of lottery games and show that people do win, the corporation said.

The game is called a watch-and-win as there is a separate chance to win up to $100,000 through a nightly draw.


Bran said she would use the money to pay off her bills and “sit on the rest.”

Her ticket came from the Reddi Mart on Byrne Road.