Another test alert is heading to your phone (and elsewhere)

Residents of the NWT can expect to receive one of those end-of-the-world-is-nigh, phone-vibrates-itself-off-your-desk test alerts on Wednesday morning.

The territorial government said the message was expected to arrive on phones at 9:55am. Not only will it be on your cell, you may also see or hear it on TV and radio networks in the NWT.

The system is called “NWT Alert” and designed to let the government easily communicate with residents during emergencies and disasters. It’s part of a larger, nationwide public alert system.


“Public awareness testing is conducted during the year to ensure system functionality and availability,” said the NWT government in a news release.

“This test is part of efforts by the GNWT in cooperation with NWT broadcasters and cell service providers to ensure the safety and security of residents during emergencies.”

Previous tests across Canada have met with mixed success. In the past, some residents have reported not receiving the test messages.